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Cloud LWC measured at two different heights is also reported. 26 Volume 5 Ground-Based Cloud Experiments understand the main mechanisms governing the size dependence of cloud droplet solute concentrations. Cloud droplets nucleate on the aerosol particles always present in the atmosphere. Whether or not an aerosol particle of a given size and chemical composition becomes activated into a cloud droplet depends on the level of supersaturation. As water vapour condenses on the particles, they first become highly concentrated solution drops, and the concentration decreases as more and more water is taken up.

Henry's law equilibrium is therefore routinely used to describe the partitioning of species between gas and aqueous phases for both wet aerosols and cloud droplets [33-35]. The study of gas partitioning in the multiphase system of clouds mostly focused on the NH 3-NH/, HN0 3-N03- and s02-sol- systems, not only because ammonium, nitrate and sulfate account for a large fraction of the soluble material in the cloud droplets, but also because their reaction schemes in the system are fairly well defined [36].

With updraughts typical of a stratocumulus type cloud, droplet effective radii were found to be lowered by up to 3 /-lffi, 500 m above cloud base, a result that is insensitive to the concentration of SOz present in the processing cloud down to very low concentrations. If reproduced on a global scale this result could have important climatological consequences, as recently indicated by Slingo [91]. However, the reduction in effective radius is expected to be important only on local scales close to the sources of new aerosol, where the processing of the CCN spectrum by clouds may occur for the first time.

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