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By Tilden Wayne Perry

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Since X. Zinc 35 the intestine is alkaline, it is believed that absorption must occur soon after the gastric contents enter the intestine. Under alkaline conditions, insoluble ferric hydroxide is formed; such iron is excreted via the feces, with only trace amounts in the urine. The presence of higher levels of phosphorus lowers the digestibility of iron by forming insoluble ferric phosphate. C. Deficiency Iron deficiency is characterized primarily by a condition known as anemia (without blood).

Although simple goiter may occur universally in all types of vertebrates, geographical location has some effect on this condition. Simple goiter rarely occurs in animals living near the ocean, but it is frequently found in those far from the sea coasts where little iodine occurs in the soil. In such areas, there is a great incidence of edemic goiter, which poses serious problems. C. Metabolism Iodine metabolism begins with its absorption from the small intestine, either in the organic or the ionic (inorganic) form.

IX. IRON Iron exists in the body largely in the heme portion of hemoglobin of the red blood cells, although it is also found as a vital constituent of oxidation-reduction enzymes. Hemoglobin comprises about one-third of the dry matter of the red blood cell and is present at a level of 14-17 g/100 ml in whole blood. Hemoglobin is released into the plasma by hemolysis of the red blood cell. 33%. The liver and spleen have the greatest tissue stores of iron, followed, respectively, by the kidney, heart, pancreas, brain, and muscles.

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