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2) and show changes which are clearly associated with the secretory activity of the gland. For some time it was claimed that only these two types of secreting cells could be identified histologically although the gland was known to secrete six or seven distinct hormones; but recently more sensitive tests have been applied and tentative subdivisions of the two types have been proposed (Table 4); further details have recently been summarized by Pickford and Atz (1957). The PARS TUBERALIS has not been studied so fully but appears to consist of columns of cells separated by blood spaces, and to be closely similar to the adenohypophysis in appearance.

2-1 (a-f) ( For legend see over) FIG. 2-1 (g) FIG. 2-1. ) on muscle fibres (m). ) from ganglionic-X-organ of crab, S esarma (after Enami, 1951). (d) cell with shorter axon, from epistellar body of Eledone (after Young, 1936). ) but no histological characters of neurons (drawn to lower scale) : (e) cells from corpus cardiacum of beetle, Hydrous (cf. Fig. ) (after Maximow and Bloom, 1942). The differences in quantity of secretion are not characteristic of these cells, but indicate different phases of secretion (cf.

The PARS DISTALIS of the adenohypophysis contains at least three distinct types of cells: chromophobe (gamma) cells which have no stainable granules in their cytoplasm and seem to have no secretory function, though they may give rise to one or both of the secreting types ; basophil cells, which contain secretory granules of glycoprotein that stain blue by the Mallory or Azan trichrome methods, and acidophil cells, which contain phospholipid granules that stain selectively by an acid haematin method.

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