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This Elibron Classics booklet is a facsimile reprint of a 1891 variation via Macmillan and Co., London and big apple.

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Sum value depends (1) on the for him, in my and (2) what part money I could get sum of money plays of this scale of living. And here we come in sight of the decisive distinction between subjective and objective exchange value. The objective exchange value of the horse is the same to the subjective exchange value varies from every one ; person to person according to the previous state of his wants and resources. An article in a poor man's house which he can, if necessary, sell for 20/ has a very different importance to him from what a similar article has to a rich man.

Be worked out in fifty than the sum of years is valued at a sum much annual outputs. These annual outputs are seen in a perspective of value diminSay that ishing according to their remoteness in time. the first year's output is 100, the second (at an less its fifty %) will now be worth only 95'23, the third, 90'70, and so on. Adding these together we obtain a sum which is very much less than 100 interest rate of 5 X 50, and we express it conveniently if somewhat by saying that the capital value is so misleadingly In other years' purchase of the annual rent.

Modern circumstances, where the existence of money and the presence of stock permit of goods being and do instantly exchanged for other goods, we can biscuit almost unconsciously change the disposition of our resources so as to shift the loss (which will define our marginal utility) to the least sensitive part. Suppose that a thrifty housewife has laid in her winter stock of butter, and that by some accident it Will she be likely to do without butter gets spoiled. She will, of course, for the rest of the winter?

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