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By D. Perlman (Ed.)

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C. Amanita Species Singer (1962) states that the poisonous species in subgenus I, AMANITA, contain muscarine rather than amanitatoxins. Among species listed in Section 2 of the subgenus, one finds A. ) S . F. Gray, A. , and A. gemmata (Fr,) Gill. 00025% wet weight), usually not enough to cause symptoms of muscarine poisoning. Pacific Northwest specimens of A . muscaria and A. , 1966). We found that “true” A. gemmata lacks these compounds and that apparent hybrids, taxonomically designated as A.

However, true mycelium is formed by members of the genus Trichosporon and a few Candida species. The shape of the cells is very variable, including round, oval, elongate, bottleand flask-shaped, and triangular forms. The family Saccharomycetaceae as envisaged by Phaff et al. (1966) includes forms producing true mycelium only, and which cannot properly be classed as yeasts. These include the genera Eremascus and Endomyces. Endomycopsis is an intermediate form in this respect, producing true mycelium as well as pseudomycelium and budding cells.

1969). I n “Methods in Microbiology” (C. ), Vol. 4, Chemical Tests in Agaricology. in press. Academic Press, New York. Weir, J. , and Tyler, V. , Jr. ( 1 9 6 3 ) ~Pharrn. Sci. 52,419-422. This Page Intentionally Left Blank Proton Magnetic Resonance SpectroscopyAn Aid in Identification a n d C hemotaxonomy of Yeasts’ P. A. J. GORINAND J. F. T. SPENCER National Research Council of Canada, Prairie Regional Laborato y, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada I. Introduction ...............................................................

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