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We discuss then the following relativistic representatives of theories with such effects, such as: in Sec. 1 fourth-order derivative theories of the WeylLanczos type formulated in Riemann space-time, in Sec. 2 tetrad theories formulated in teleparallelized Riemann space-time, and in Sec. 3 an effective GRT resulting from the Einstein-Cartan-Kibble-Sciama theory based on Riemann-Cartan geometry. Finally, in Sec. 4 we summarize our results and compare them with GRT. The resulting effects are interpreted with respect to their meaning for testing the Einstein Equivalence Principle and the Strong Equivalence Principle.

Near the Earth, it causes a correction having no spherical-symmetric component with respect to the Earth field. iii) The energy-momentum tensor is assumed to have the form Tik = puiu k E (with p = const). A more complicated ansatz regarding the internal structure of the Earth in more detail leads to higher-order corrections. 24 iv) The term hAITli is neglected, too. It describes the influence of the 1 E Earth field on its own source leading to higher-order (self-absorption) effects. As a consequence of these assumptions, Eqs.

Similar ideas were proposed by C. Neumann [96]. At first sight, it would appear to be the same modification as in the former cases. This is true, however, only insofar as the form of the gravitational potential or force is concerned. For the differential equations to which the respective potentials are solutions, there is a great difference. In the first case, instead of the potential equation of Newtonian theory, (2) one has equations with a so-called potential-like coupling, (3) while in the second case one arrives at an equation with an additional vacuum term, (4) The latter equation requires the introduction of a new fundamental constant k corresponding to Einstein's cosmological constant A.

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