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By Emmet Scott

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Emmet Scott confronts traditional historians and appears on the facts, archaeological and textual, for the proposition that 3 centuries, approximately among 615 and 915, by no means existed and are 'phantom' years. the writer indicates intimately how no archaeology exists for those 3 centuries, and that the fabric continues to be of the 7th century heavily resemble these of the 10th, and lie without delay underneath them. this can be the 1st e-book in this subject within the English language, even though Heribert Illig's books at the similar subject, 'Das erfundene Mittelalter' and 'Wer hat an der Uhr Gedreht?' were most sensible in German-speaking Europe.

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2 C. Otto III as Christian Roman Emperor, enthroned in a Roman-style palace. Tenth century. Denying the very existence of a Dark Age, the “Revisionists” have always tended to ignore or downplay the somewhat embarrassing shortage of archeology in the roughly three centuries stretching from the first quarter of the seventh to the first quarter of the tenth. For shortage there is — as we shall shortly see — and it is the lack of material remains for these years that has prompted a general refusal to go the whole distance with the Revisionists and to write the Dark Age out of the textbooks completely.

These were, in part at least, heavily under the influence of Rome and Byzantium; though they were also heavily “native” in their inspiration. The astonishing culture that appeared in Ireland and Britain during these centuries, with its dramatic “Hiberno-Saxon” art, was surely not the signature, these writers hold, of a decadent and dying society. Architecture in stone too, throughout the former territories of the Western Empire, which had all but disappeared by the fifth century, reappeared in the sixth and seventh centuries, even in places like Anglo-Saxon England, where the Germanic migrations had effaced Roman civilization in a most thorough way.

3. Stratigraphy of Byblos since Hellenistic Age The same hiatus is encountered in site after site. 86 If we look to the western extremities of the Islamic world, it is the same story. Spain, for example, is believed to have witnessed a flowering of Islamic culture and civilization in the two centuries after the Arab conquest of 711; and the city of Cordoba is said to have grown to a sophisticated metropolis of half a million people or more. Arab chroniclers appear to paint a picture of a flourishing and vastly opulent metropolis.

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