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43) a. /zí͡/ ‘hatred’ versus /n‫ڮ‬zínzí͡/ ‘enemy’ b. /ì-bÞ‫ڟ‬g/ ‘paralysis’ versus /m‫ڮ‬mũ‫ڟ‬mÞ‫ڟ‬g/ ‘paralytic’ c. 4. Representation of |a| When the morphophoneme |a| occurs in a non-prominent stem-final open syllable its representation depends on the quality of the preceding vowel: after mid back vowels it is harmonic (44), after non-mid back vowels it is represented by /a/ (45). In all other contexts, |a| is likewise represented by /a/ (46). In (46c), for instance, the first structural |a| is represented by /a/, because it is not in a stemfinal syllable, whereas the representation of the second structural |a| derives its vowel quality from the first one.

The choice seems to be sometimes free or dialectally conditioned and sometimes lexically conditioned. Compare the verb stem in (33b) to stems like tìl ‘write’, kpál ‘be loquacious’ and Ěòl ‘be bitter’, in which the final |l| is obligatorily represented by /l/. Zero-representation gives rise to compensatory lengthening of the preceding vowel. Representation by /i/ results in glide formation of this phoneme, or in coalescence with the preceding vowel, which is thereby closed by one degree (and sometimes also lengthened and/or followed by a palatal glide).

Minute /sítà/ ‘sister’ < English5 sister /pùlàssí/ ‘Frenchman’ < French? français /zũ‫ڮ‬kúlî/ ‘school’ < English? school /dwákktŲ‫ڹ‬n/ ‘doctrine’ < French? doctrine /lŲ‫ڮ‬nkÞ‫ڟ‬d/ ‘raincoat’ < English raincoat A survey in a sample of 1500 words did not show a clear preference for either voiced or unvoiced stops in the onset of prominent syllables (/p/ 31% versus /b/ 69%, but /t/ 61% versus /d/ 39%). The labiovelar consonants are relatively rare in the Eton lexicon. As has been said, the stops only occur in the onset of prominent syllables, the nasal also elsewhere in at least one word (zà͡‫ۅ‬mál ‘seven’).

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