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By Dr. Gary Greenberg, Stacy Keach

ISBN-10: 0760331987

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Потрясающие трёхмерные микрофотографии песчинок обычного пляжного песка. listed here are the sands of Hawaii and Tahiti, the Sahara and the Poles, a volcano, each one exquisitely assorted, and every telling a desirable geological tale. purple sand and yellow, white sand and black, making a song sand and quicksand: Greenbergs images demonstrate the sophisticated variations of their colours, textures, sizes, and shapes. And as this infinitesimal international unfolds so does an fascinating clarification of the way every one grain of sand starts and types and unearths itself in a specific position, certainly one of a thousand million and unique. Вот тот мир, рассматривать в песчинку, благодаря потрясающей трехмерной микрофотографии доктор Гари Гринберг. В какой-то, весь песок выглядит так - бесчисленное зерен в обширном пространстве пляжа. Присмотритесь - гораздо ближе - и ваш взгляд на песке никогда не будет то же самое. Используя фантастические microphotographic методы, которые он разработал, Гринберг приглашает читателей поймет странный и прекрасный мир, что каждая песчинка содержит. Вот песках Гавайев и Таити, Сахары и поляки, вулкан, изысканно каждого разные, и каждая рассказывает увлекательную геологической истории. Красный и желтый песок, белый песок и черный, пение песка и зыбучие пески: Greenbergs фотографий выявить тонкие различия в их цвета, фактур, размеров и форм. И так как это бесконечно малая мире разворачивается так же интригующий объяснение того, как каждая песчинка начинается и форм и оказывается в определенном месте, одна из миллиардов и единственный в своем роде.

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Low-power 3-D microscopes have been available for more than a hundred years, and they can achieve magnifications up to about 50 times. But no high-power 3-D microscopes were available that produced real-time stereo images of the specimen in the magnification range of 100 to 1,500 times. I became so captivated with the idea of developing a 3-D microscope that I resigned from USC in 1991 and cofounded Edge Scientific Instrument Corporation. We developed what was then the only commercially available, high-definition, real-time 3-D light microscope and sold it to research scientists throughout the world.

In comparison, sand from the wet portion of the beach has been tumbled by the action of the surf, making the individual grains appear naturally shiny and bright. I normally use fine-grained sand for my images. There is a severe problem with depth of focus when photographing through a microscope. The part of the image in sharp focus is just a few micrometers thick, so structures in the foreground and background are blurred. The higher the magnification, the thinner the in-focus slice, and both the background and foreground become more out-oE-focus.

Each and every day, tidal zones go from baking in the hot sun to submersion under seawater and back to cracking hot sun again. Added to that is the relentless crashing of The intertidal zone is a harsh and ever-changing location, yet some forms of life thrive in this turbulent environment. 55 A scanning electron microscope shows diatoms adorning the surface of quartz sand grains from Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Top: The sand grain on the far right harbors a handful of diatoms in a tiny indentation (magnification 1 OOx).

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