A dark history : the Popes : vice, murder and corruption in - download pdf or read online

By Brenda Ralph Lewis

ISBN-10: 1435132769

ISBN-13: 9781435132764

From airborne dirt and dust jacket flap. This publication unearths a catalog of wrongdoings perpetrated by way of popes over the centuries, a checklist that has been often saved from the general public eye. plenty of historic evidence with superbly illustrated photographs.

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Amaury was so elated with the day's work he wrote to Pope Innocent: excommunicating an individual or denouncing an unacceptable doctrine. As a punishment, however, anathema not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: for he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds. The Cathedral of St Nazaire ... was said to have 'split in halj; like a pomegranate' in the ravening blaze, before collapsing in ruins. The congregation that had taken shelter there were burnt to death.

It had b een meticulously planned in 1208, even before the Albigensian Crusade began, when Arnaud Amaury, a lawyer called Milo (who was the Lateran Apostolic Notary) and 12 cardinals went to Rome to discuss with Pope Innocent ill how the crusade should be conducted. The plan they formulated was consistent with the strategy adopted by Crusader forces in the Holy Land during the First Crusade, which had begun more than a century earlier in 1096. The blueprint for the massacre at Beziers was set out in a manuscript called Canso d'Ancioca, which a crusader knight, Gregory Bechada, is believed to have written some time between 1106 and 1118.

A medieval army besieging a castle or town still used catapults, ballistae and battering rams, just as the ancient Greeks and Romans had done. They also employed scaling ladders and siege towers, as well as 'cats' or 'penthouses' to protect themselves against missiles flung down at them by defenders manning the walls. KICK LIKE A MULE One engine of war used by the Albigensian Crusaders in Languedoc was developed from the Roman onager (wild donkey). The onager got its name because it kicked like the rather bad-tempered animal.

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