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By Jess Moleman

ISBN-10: 1409233162

ISBN-13: 9781409233169

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So, unleash your emotions. Layer after layer. And remember what I said about being unbalanced in Madrid. You were. Everything was beautiful and nice and you knew it all. What you lacked was a frame of reference. The frame of reference you just gave me? I don’t know, but you missed connection with reality. I came to give you one, but it turns out you were more than able to find one yourself. Now we need to find the balance between dreams and reality, between illusions and truth. To find the balance in you to balance us.

If she was dreaming about a better life, I would not wake her up to ruin this little moment of happiness. I tucked the girl in so she wouldn’t get cold and went down to get fresh fruits and orange juice and yoghurt. A cigarette made me throw up. Then I prepared her a good breakfast. Maybe I tried to make up for all the things I had done the day before (or in my life, maybe) by being good to this one innocent girl. But you can never do that. There is no way of making up for everything. Not a final word with a priest or accepting whichever faith with your last breath, nothing can make up for the mistakes you make, what makes me think maybe just maybe we are not meant to make up for mistakes.

I really don’t have an idea. —I know. We wouldn’t have been here if you had known. —You’re making me curious. —That’s part of the fun. —Ruin the fun. —I’m a model in the entertainment business. —Alright? I asked. —As in, I take off my clothes and make love and people make photos and videos when I am at it and I earn a good amount of money while doing so. —A porn actress? I asked. —I don’t like that term, but that’s roughly it. And I ask you, would you judge your friends if they turned out to be working in the entertainment business?

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