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By Jennifer Woodlief

ISBN-10: 1451607091

ISBN-13: 9781451607093

At the afternoon of July 26, 2003, six traveling mountain climbers ascended the height of the Grand Teton in Jackson gap, Wyoming. Rain and colliding air currents blew in, and shortly a major electric cost started to construct. because the crew started to retreat from its position, a enormous lightning bolt struck and pounded during the physique of each climber. one of many six died immediately, one lay seriously injured subsequent to her physique, and 4 dangled perilously into the chasm under. In riveting, page-turning prose, veteran journalist Jennifer Woodlief tells the tale of the climb, the arriving of the hurricane, and the unparalleled rescue by way of the Jenny Lake Rangers, essentially the most skilled hiking search-and-rescue groups within the nation.

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Aeneas's intentions to offer human sacrifice, however, were clear from the time of his rage in Book 10. There he captured the four sons each of Sulmo and Ufens for the express purpose of slaughtering them in the funeral ritual for Pallas. Again, with immolet, the language goes beyond mere battle fury to ritual sacrifice: Aeneas seized them alive to be devoted as victims to the shades below, drenching the flames of the pyre with their captive blood. Page 26 viventis rapit, inferias quos immolet umbris captivoque rogi perfundat sanguine flammas.

Some of the work that follows has already appeared in print. Brief portions of chapter 1 are contained in "Aeneas in America," Vergilius 25 (1979) and in "Vergil, Allen Tate, and the Analogy of Experience," Classical and Modern Literature 5 (1985). Chapter 3 was published in a different form in Vergilius 30 (1984). The discussion of Diomedes in Page xiii chapter 5, published in Classical Bulletin 58 (1982), was developed in collaboration with August H. Krickel and appears here with his kind permission.

But only with a hero possessed of personal memories and hope, with values and vision earned from the past for the sake of the future, could Vergil believe that the new order was worthy of song. Further, such historical sensibility distinguishes a dynamic from a traditional society precisely because of the ability of individuals in a dynamic society to maintain private perspectives apart from those shared by the general community. Memory and hope permit individuals to act in ways that do not conform to present constraints.

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