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By Luciano Boi, Dominique Flament, Jean-Michel Salanskis

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Those risk free little articles aren't extraordinarily valuable, yet i used to be caused to make a few comments on Gauss. Houzel writes on "The delivery of Non-Euclidean Geometry" and summarises the evidence. essentially, in Gauss's correspondence and Nachlass you will see that facts of either conceptual and technical insights on non-Euclidean geometry. probably the clearest technical result's the formulation for the circumference of a circle, k(pi/2)(e^(r/k)-e^(-r/k)). this can be one example of the marked analogy with round geometry, the place circles scale because the sine of the radius, while right here in hyperbolic geometry they scale because the hyperbolic sine. nevertheless, one needs to confess that there's no proof of Gauss having attacked non-Euclidean geometry at the foundation of differential geometry and curvature, even though evidently "it is hard to imagine that Gauss had no longer noticeable the relation". by way of assessing Gauss's claims, after the courses of Bolyai and Lobachevsky, that this was once identified to him already, one should still possibly keep in mind that he made related claims concerning elliptic functions---saying that Abel had just a 3rd of his effects and so on---and that during this situation there's extra compelling proof that he used to be basically correct. Gauss exhibits up back in Volkert's article on "Mathematical development as Synthesis of instinct and Calculus". even if his thesis is trivially right, Volkert will get the Gauss stuff all flawed. The dialogue issues Gauss's 1799 doctoral dissertation at the basic theorem of algebra. Supposedly, the matter with Gauss's evidence, that's alleged to exemplify "an development of instinct with regards to calculus" is that "the continuity of the airplane ... wasn't exactified". in fact, someone with the slightest knowing of arithmetic will comprehend that "the continuity of the airplane" is not any extra a subject matter during this facts of Gauss that during Euclid's proposition 1 or the other geometrical paintings whatever throughout the thousand years among them. the genuine factor in Gauss's evidence is the character of algebraic curves, as after all Gauss himself knew. One wonders if Volkert even troubled to learn the paper considering he claims that "the existance of the purpose of intersection is taken care of through Gauss as whatever completely transparent; he says not anything approximately it", that's it seems that fake. Gauss says much approximately it (properly understood) in a protracted footnote that indicates that he regarded the matter and, i might argue, regarded that his facts used to be incomplete.

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At this stage, a more specific selection and a more refined filtration of geometric models will, of course, depend on the type of geometric properties In summary, and problems that one intends to investigate. let us represent the above specific branch schematically as follows: E 2 ~ E 3 ~ {En; n61N } ~ I symmetric 1 ~ [ spaces ! Isni i two-point 1 homogeneous En Hn spaces I Riem. manifolds lh°m°gene°us 1 spaces of 1 low cohomogeneity etc. etc . . § 3. Comparative study of geometric models and test in~ problems Roughly speaking, interactions Hence, one might say that geometry between geometric properties the following rather simple-minded adaptation of the methodology realm of geometry.

Counterexample to a conjecture of H. Hopf, Pacific J. Math, [28] 307-429. Coxeter, 121 (1986), 193-243. H. S. , The functions of Schl~fli and Lobatschefsky, Quart. J. Math. 6 (1935), 13-29. The Imbedding P r o b l e m of R i e m a n n i a n G l o b a l l y Symmetric Spaces of the Compact Type Hu Yi ( ~ ~ )* Nankai University Introduction A compact simple Lie group G with the t w o - s i d e d invariant metric which is induced by the K i l l i n g form of its Lie algebra is n a t u r a l l y isometric to a compact irreducible R i e m a n n i a n g l o b a l l y symmetric space of type II.

A characteristic property of spheres. Ann. Mat. Pura Appl. [2] 58 (1962), 303-315. , Do Carmo, M. and Hsiang, W. C. , De Giorgi, E. , Minimal cones and the Bernstein problem, [4] Invent. Math. 70 (1959), Bott, R. , Applications of the theory of Morse Cartan, 80 (1959), 964-1029. , Sur une classe remarquable despaces de Riemann, Bull. Soc. Math. , La J. Math. [8] 243-268. 313-337. to symmetric spaces, Amer. J. Math. , The stable homotopy of the classical groups, Ann. of Math. [5] (Preprint, 1980).

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